Monday, February 11, 2019

Fillmore Arts Center News Letter: February 2019


Monthly Newsletter

February 2019

Music/Band with Ms. Gage

February Newsletter
Welcome to 2nd semester. I am welcoming new 2nd grade and Kindergarten classes. This semester we will be focusing on keyboards, orff instruments, recorders, and auxiliary percussion.

Band classes are starting to work on new music! Please help remind your student to practice...they should all have new music now :)
**If you play an instrument - we would love to invite you to perform a song with us on the final concert. Don’t’s easy, fun, and you student would love to play with you! If you need an instrument, please ask. More info and music to come!**

Upcoming Dates:
April 9-11 - Open House
May 2 - after school Intermediate band practice (4:30-5:15)
May 7 - after school practice - beginning, intermediate, and friends/family (4:30-5:45)
May 17 - Art Show and Concert (5-8)
May 20-23 - DCPS Music Festival at the Kennedy Center - Date and Time TBD

Other things…
Field Trips (+ details)

Visual Art with Mrs. Strunk

Kindergarten/1st grade will be stamping patterns and make an abstract sculpture out of plasticene to explore form.  Practice with plasticine will lead to a project making clay masks in March.

Second grade will do a self-portrait with a friend using overlapping.

Third through fifth grade will explore contour line by drawing a selection of art materials and tools which they will turn into a negative/positive space design.  They will begin making small "animal jars" from clay.

Visual Art with Ms. Tsou

 Ms. Tsou's Class just finished: 

-Clay Dragon sculpture and Negative, Positive paper cut outs with the Stoddert, Key and Ross 2nd - 5th grade.

-We had a great time with the pk 3 and 4 creating the patterns on the wood sticks for the a relief building sculpture.​

-Ms. Tsou had a wild time at the Fire House with the Ross pk 4.

Unicorn, World Globe and  Tree of life are finished at Stoddert's wall design for the 3rd grade's hallway.  Ms. Tsou is woorking many other steps to create the big wall, please see attached images:)​

Digital Art with Ms. Pollett

Students  from Stoddert, Ross and Key have been excitedly engaged in using Photoshop CS6, Dragon Frame animation, and camera's to create original works of art. 

Photoshop students are exploring; 
  • digital block prints (K-6)
  • digital self-portrait block prints (2-5)
  • digital self-portrait collages (2-5)
  • Various themed drawings - summer, Holidays, my family, food still life - using layers to explore foreground, middle ground and background
  • Photoshop animation with cars and sleds
  • Stoddert K kiddo's have been working on "How To Create A Cat with A Mouse"
Dragon Frame animation students are learning the movie making stages of Pre-production, Production and Post Production.
The process started with brainstorming and the "paper & pencil" storyboarding of their narrative. Next they moved on to dry-erase drawing and filming the drawing stages using cameras and Dragon Frame software. Finally they end with editing frames and audio in iMovie or Premiere Pro.
West scholars in grades 5-8 are enjoying independent explorations of Flash CS6 animation on a beginner level. They are creating a variety of scenes involving cars, people, airplanes and more.

Hardy students in grades 6-8 created large collage works with a theme of “Freedom In America”, and freedom themed comics. 

Dance with Ms. Daniels

The Dance Department wrapped up the fist semester with performances as follows:

(K-2 graders) "Little Drummer Boy," KWANZAA, and "Soaring Butterflies."

(3-5 graders) "Made For Now, " African Dance/Drum Medley," and "Colors."

I applaud the dance students for their outstanding artistic expressions, creativity and unity as an ensemble.

We also welcomed guest artists - Vincent Williams, Nile Ruff, and Jazmine. Wow!

In the upcoming semester we will explore: Artist Activists (Black History/Social Justice), Work of legendary artists such as Alvin Ailey (modern),
  Norma Miller (swing), Rennie Harris (hip-hop),and more; and drum rhythms.

Our February field trips sponsored by the DC Arts and Humanities Collaborative include:  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, The Musicianship, and "The Watsons go to Birmingham."

Ms. Daniels also attended the 31st International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference In Dayton Ohio at the end of January.

We encourage all students to attend a dance, music, or theater performance each semester. And to visit an Art museum or visual art exhibit.

Music/Strings with Ms. Kharazian

Visual Art with Ms. Carpenter

All students K-1 grade
Soddert and Key are in the process of using PRIMARY colors to mix/ make
SECONDARY colors with a great delight to see the colors changing!

Those painted papers are used to create MOSAIC SQUARES that display how the secondary's were made

Music/Choir/Songwriting with Mr. Battle

Hello Friends!

I am always excited about another opportunity to share light, love, and music with you all. In K-2 music classes we are exploring the music and art of African Americans, AfroLatinos, West Africas, East Africas, and Afro Caribbeans. 

In choir, we are preparing a series of spirituals, songs of unity, and even exploring ASL!

Theater with Mrs. Flowers

Greetings Fillmore Friends and Families,

In theatre we've finished strong in January with Peer and Family presentations of "The Day the Crayons Quit" with 3rd and 5th graders. Our K-2nd graders performed a song called " A man named King" as a spoken word poetry piece.

In the month of February we will study a Black History Artist each week by reading aloud books, viewing images and videos of their work and collectively creating an performance piece.

Students in 3rd-5th have been challenged in this new semester to use their actor tools of Voice, Body, and Cooperation to direct, a Readers theatre script. We are moving along swiftly, please be on the look out for upcoming performance opportunities for students soon.